Animal Head Wheat Pastes

Someone has been doing some pretty impressive  wheat pastes around town.  Animal heads on human bodies.  Not a particularly new concept but very well done.  I especially like the iced out grizzly.  Wonder if this one has anything to do with Kamp Grizzly?  Kamp Grizzly is a motion graphics/film studio who has their warehouse space near there.  I saw that one visiting Zach Johnsen over at Get Happy Studios, which is in the same area.  It’s refreshing to see some positive street art from the wheat paste & sticker community.  Keep up the dope work.


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Mapache-Page is a stinky raccoon-man. He was last seen negotiating a half eaten cheeseburger from his friend, Itchy Gonzalez in Tijuana, Mexico. If you wish to see him, just leave out a bag of trash.
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  1. Nice and clean with some humor, hard to not smile at these characters even if you are against “vandalism”. -Bobo

  2. Your right Bobo. It’s crazy to think that things that help improve our urban landscape in a beautiful way are considered “vandalism.”

  3. These are super nice. If animals wore suits, this planet would be a better place! Thanks for posting these!

  4. Thanks for posting the photos! The iced out grizzly isn’t mine, but those other dapper looking gentlemen are my friends.

  5. Thanks for commenting all. Appreciate the feedback and we’ll continue to update flicks of street art in the PNW.

  6. raccoon in a suit.

  7. I’m not sure if I can ask this but what are the locations of these. I’m not even sure if they would still be up if I went looking for them but was curious. especially about the panda one.

  8. Here you go PDXPanda.

    The panda one is on the burnside bridge. If your going east, its on your right on that building that always gets tagged up. The raccoon wearing the suit is on the broadway on ramp for I-5 N. (kind of a sketchy spot to get to, I stepped in tons of broken glass trying to get the flick.) The bear is off interstate and tillamook in the industrial area.

    Happy hunting, they should still be up.

  9. Someone from reddit linked us to pictures of 3 different characters done by this same artist. they were somewhere in ne portland i think.

  10. The artist of these pastes is portland-based TVwithCheese.

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