Chadwick Yancey’s Fight to Win Oregon’s Most Important Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

Lately it seems society has grown accustomed to seeing police aggression towards citizens. When a person witnesses a crime in progress and does nothing to intervene, it becomes easier for that person to become desensitized. It is no big deal when you see an officer beating an innocent victim to death. This type of reaction is exactly what is happening to America with police violence.  Officers are regularly using excessive force and violent tactics without the fear of consequence because the general public has become numb to it.

Due to the refusal of the federal government to monitor the national police force with greater scrutiny, citizens have been exposed to excessive violence both in the streets and in the penitentiaries.  Police officers and prison guards demonstrate their authority with no self-control and no real concern for the general safety of the people they are supposed to serve.

This leads me to the story of Chadwick Yancey. Yancey is held in high regard in my eyes, for many different reasons. He is a freedom fighter who stands up for people, and does his best to stop corrupt cops and those who wish to do harm to innocent citizens.

In March of 2009, Yancey was arrested during a traffic stop located in The Dalles, Oregon.  Yancey was placed in the Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility (NORCOR) due to his prior felony conviction in the state of California. What happened to him during his stay at NORCOR can only be explained by this video.

During his first few days, he was involved in a dispute with another inmate. What you see in the video is Yancey being detained and interrogated about the altercation that took place. The officers accuse him of starting the confrontation, while Yancey swore he was acting in self-defense. What then took place was the unwarranted beating of an innocent man in hand cuffs. The officers in the video are seen slamming Yancey’s face into the wall with sick intent.  The officers can then be seen dragging him off camera for a little extra serving of NORCOR justice.

Afterwards, Yancey sat in the hole for almost 3 weeks with a broken jaw and shattered teeth, drinking food through a straw.  He was released some 30 days after this incident took place.  However, Yancey was not a victim – not yet at least, because in this country you always have the right to defend yourself, if not in the moment, then in the courts.

Yancey was able to file a federal civil lawsuit in March of 2011, naming several of the counties and sheriffs who support the NORCOR torture chamber.  In response to his suit, the State of Oregon made it even more personal and got involved in Yancey’s custody battle, successfully getting his daughter, Cycoya, removed from his care – psychological warfare at its finest, as Chadwick has yet to receive any visitation with her. To make matters worse, the state has scheduled his custody hearing the same day as the trial for his civil suit.

Dirty Clean has been involved with Yancey and his trial since we moved into the Southeast Portland neighborhood a few years ago.  Since the day we met him, he has been intent on spreading a positive message concerning public safety – that message has been to stop crooked cops.

Yancey’s civil case is one of Oregon’s most important federal civil lawsuits and the pressure to break him down has been increasingly growing.  From the government’s inability to release the disciplinary records of the officers who assaulted Yancey to the relative kidnapping of his daughter, Yancey has the cards stacked against him.

But he is not only fighting for himself. He is fighting for the rights of American citizens, the rights of inmates, the rights of fathers, and the right to stand up in court and demand that the truth be delivered.  If a file exists that would inexplicably conclude that a government employee is violent to prisoners, should the public not have access to that file?

Dirty Clean stands with Yancey in the belief that the public deserves to know the truth behind what is happening.  Every day our people are being tortured in federal prisons and when those people attempt to take legal action, more often then not, the system in place is working against them.

Chadwick Yancey (pictured left) makes the front page of the Oregonian November 13th, 2011 after a tense stand off between Occupy supporters and Portland Police. Chadwick can be seen wearing a star pig sticker on his helmet and a Ant-Norcor Torture poster around his neck.

Yancey will be defending himself in January of 2013 without legal aid.  Alone, he will attempt to persuade the jury as to why the officers acted unjustly and procure a settlement to pay off his medical, personal, and attorney fees.  Yancey worked hard to get this case to trial; he has fought for 3 long years to challenge the people that beat him. Come January 2013 when he tells his side of the story and it is not enough to convince a jury that he deserves reparation, perhaps the money was already spent in their pockets. Yancey is not a victim yet, but he will be when the jury steals the funds that would have helped him to pay for his government beat down. To add insult to injury, if he loses he must pay the opposition court fees, most likely upwards of $400,000.

We are asking all citizens of Oregon and real Americans who want to be a voice against police brutality to investigate this case. Research Chadwick Yancey, become informed, and spread the word. As mentioned before, Yancey goes to court January 2013 and his case is one of Oregon’s highest profile federal civil lawsuits. He will need all the support he can get, and simply having people on his side in the courtroom would be a great place to start. We want to show the system that Yancey has a community of people behind him and we believe in his cause.

As the government continues on its reign of oppression without heed, it is up to the people and the people alone to draw the line on how far we will be pushed. The proverbial attitude of “that won’t happen to me” does not exist in the world that our government wishes to create. Every part of your being will become disposable; hand cuffed, beat, and left in a cell.  If we as a people cannot group together to do something about this oppression now, then what will we do when our name is called?  What will you do when your name is called? Who will come to your aid in your time of need? Long after your government has failed you, the community will still be here. We are those people and we need your help January 22, 2013.

Link to Chadwick Yanceys Case


Chadwicks website, is not currently active. The website is currently under construction and Chadwick hopes to have it back online for the start of his trial.


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  1. Wow. I applaud the writer for bringing this powerful story forward. The message is clear, police brutality needs to stop and the moment is now. I always thought you should fight fire with water. Way to go with using the court system and staying nonviolent. People who harm you in an aggressive manner hope you will fight back because they believe they are stronger than you, they think they can beat you to a point of exhaustion and win. But doesn’t fire and fire just create fire in theory? I am ready to watch our system of government (THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) work in the favor of the truth. My question is what kind of truth is our government protecting?

  2. A fire needs air to breath and grow. Wasting our breath on these so called Government Protectors is useless. The Federal Government enjoys using violence to suppress any person it so chooses. We must stay non-violent to a point, but when that line is crossed we must rear our heads up like a wounded male elephant and relentlessly charge our enemy. With trumpets blaring we must destroy our enemy without mercy and without fear of retaliation.

  3. If a person cannot listen to the VOICE of reason. Then what reason is their to waste one’s voice. Populism is the only way to defeat corporate power. When they ignore the voice of reason of truth they will seal they’re own fate in the course of this universe. I have no hate or anger for these people, but they will receive none of my love and none of my forgiveness and the universe will see them suffer for eternity.

  4. Lovin’ you. I am so all in for them been doin it me since 1976 and with faith of visions so true do I know we come through in flying colors and very soon. Hold on dear ones and keep to mind our belief in freedom and foundations of truth are to keep America alive for it has already been. WE ARE STRONG IN OUR FREE LAND, feelin’ that! I am since evict. I am ready and GREEN LIGHT 3xs Left All one bird…

    • To add insult to injury, if he loses he must pay the opposition court fees, most likely upwards of $400,000.

      Really? Better kiss almost half a million dollars away. The only insult will be to you, not Yancey.

  5. Imagine that Yancey is on MyLife too.

    Chadwick Yancey – Auburn, CA | MyLife®

  6. Happy New Year, Serre , Aka Dirty Clean. Sorry to use your site, only way I can contact you.
    MOM and CHAD

  7. that dude is a white thug career criminal! if i was you i would seriously cut all ties with that guy while i was ahead. police brutality shouldnt be justified in any case, but im sure there is more to this story than what this asshole is trying to sell. do you really think that his lawyers stuck around to the end of this lawsuit because he is such an upstanding citizen? i think not! who would want to tarnish thier civil rights organization defending this non-rehabilitive trash. doesnt this guy continue to be involved in illegal doings? yeah this guy is a great role model for civil rights and if he is the voice of it, it is all for his personal gain and i highly doubt that he will ever turn out to be an upstanding citizen. do us all a favor, send him to jail. i would be happier and safer knowing some of my taxes locks this son of a bitch up.

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