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Missing home or maybe you’re still not sold on how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is? Here are two more tumblr pages that weren’t added to our last Dirty Clean post. Haven’t spotted a good “Fuck Yeah” style Washington tumblr, but the Oregon page has some breathtaking views and fan submissions.

The Northwest tumblr has Oregon and Washington throughout with the occasional Canadian post. Probably more into this personally since it touches on Northwest history such as the Coast Salish, industrial design, and various lumber operations of the Pacific Northwest. Both are amazing visually so have a click around or better yet follow the pages if you have a tumblr yourself. What are some of your favorite NW images?

Fuck Yeah The Pacific Northwest

Fuck Yes Oregon!

View along the Oregon Coast Highway (US 101)

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  2. Fuck yeah pretty beaches! Shhh don’t tell anyone Oregon is secretly awesome.

    • Oregon is indeed awesome. Spent the last two weeks at Dirty Clean HQ with Serredad appreciating the finer things. Rain, trees, no sales tax, and of course mate.

      Just peeped rainbowreverie and liked what I saw. Keep up the great posts!


  4. Oregon sucks! Big time. So what if has nice beaches, mountains, and great cities. Why, why, why I ask would you ever want to live there? It is not secretly awesome, rain, snow, hail and hurricane force wind and then all the trees fall on your house.

    • Me so horny Cascadia: http://i.imgur.com/PS5oT.gif

      Sorry you live in Wyoming man, maybe consider a move out to the lovely northwest.

  5. Theres something about a mountain which makes you want to climb, theres something about a forest which makes you want to wonder, theres something about the coast which makes you dream

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