How 10 year old children in Oregon are consuming the Worlds most Powerful Hallucinogenic drug, Legally.

What a crazy world we live in. A few months ago a friend of mine approached me about an “organization” that she had heard of. Apparantely, my friend had met someone who claimed they were from a Church in Southern Oregon that could legally obtain Ayahuasca for consumption. My friend told me the only catch was that you had to join their church to legally consume the Ayahuasca. My friend never told me what the name of the Church was but it sparked a great deal of interest in the topic of DMT and serotonin burning hallucinogenic drugs.

As it turns out, Ayahuasca is actually legal in only one state and that state is Oregon. Some nut job named Jonathan Goldman (pastor of Ashland’s Church of the Holy Light of the Queen) moved to Oregon in 2008 just to make this possible. Jonathan is an acupuncturist from Detroit and moved out here when here when he  realized he could get Ayahuasca legalized by challenging the federal government. Jonathan Goldman, with four other partners, assembled a defense team and they got Ayahuasca legalized for their “churches” consumption. The Federal Government did not have enough information on the negative health affects from Ayahuasca and the Federal Government could not prove that Ayahuasca would have a major use outside the church.

Fast forward 4 years into the future and Jonathan Goldman and the church he helped to create are still operating.  In the beginning of 2011, an article was published by the Willamette Weekly discussing an on going custody battle between a member of the Church and a non-member. The Non-member was concerned that his child would be allowed to consume Ayahuasca during the churches ceremonies even though the child was only 10 years old. Jonathan Goldman and his church have went on record, saying that they administer Ayahuasca to children in small doses. These children have been as young as 10 years old. Goldman claims that because it is given in such small doses that it does not negatively affect the children.

Now don’t get me wrong people, I’m not against drugs, but I’m not really sure whats up with giving 10 year olds the worlds strongest halluconogenic. If Jonathan Goldman and the rest of the members of this ridiculous church understand anything about Serotonin poisoning then they would understand why this stuff shouldn’t be given to children. Ayahuasca is a decoction made up of a number of different organic and natural drugs. One of the main ingredients is actually the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, which is now legal in the state of Oregon. From there, shrubs or plants from the genius Psychotria are combined with the vine.  But at this point the drink is not orally active. Other drugs must be introduced to the decoction to the get the hallucinogenic affects from the DMT. From here an MAIO (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) or a RIMA (Reversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A) is introduced to the mixture. These drugs block the digestion of the DMT in the intestines and allow the DMT to reach the brain.  MAIO’s and RIMA’s  are classes of drugs that hare used to treat depression. Once the decoction is properly mixed with all the necessary ingredients, you can consume the drink and feel the hallucinogenic effects.

Now here comes the real question? How could anyone with a real knowledge of medicine allow these people to administer 10 year old children? The dietary restriction from Ayahuasca elapse a time that covers a 24 hour period. Meaning for that time period, the user must strictly follow the dietary restrictions or there could be real health side effects.  If all of the necessary precautions are not exercised there can be a very serious and grave outcome, Serotonin Poisoning. However, this condition is highly debated in medicinal hallucogenic communities like Jonathan Goldmans. If you were to ask Jonathan, I’m sure he would tell you that there are no negative side affects from placing a child on a small does of Ayahuasca but what would he actually know about that being an acupunturist?


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  1. Whoah

  2. real deal Holyfield and these people dont even give a fuck. They have acknowledged giving ayahuasca to kids as young as 14. i dont know man, seems a little wrong to me.

  3. for all of you reddit users out there, who comment on my threads but refuse to comment here. I see yall. I see yall.

  4. Serredad,

    Alright, listen. Before spreading this BS about this amazing church, please put in your absolute best effort to conduct as much research as you can before painting such broad and unfounded brush strokes. I am guessing you may have received this information from the Willamette Weekly, or some other news source with absolutely no journalistic integrity. No kids EVER took enough to actually warrant any effects. In fact, the practitioners may have at times either spread the medicine on the lips of their kids, or put a tiny drop in their mouths as a symbolic gesture. I agree, that giving the kids enough medicine to actually create any effects is not a wise thing to do, and I am sure that every practitioner in this church would agree, which is why no child in this church–at least in North America–has ever been intoxicated by ayahuasca.

    Your description of this church defiles many wonderful people and families who have a great deal of spiritual integrity and allegiance to this church. You make it sound like they are some evil cult–calling Jonathan Goldman a nut job. If you only knew this man–one of the most grounded, firm, and intelligent men I have ever had the pleasure to meet, you would not resort to such a knee jerk reaction, putting down the immense efforts in protecting this amazing sacrament from the Orwellian forces that be.

    I am not looking to start a quarrel, but rather want to shed some light on the facts as well as a very uplifting spiritual tradition that I have witnessed save many people from depression, drug abuse, and a host of psychological issues. This is a very unique institution and one that further represents a reprieve from a chaotic world of violence and confusing morals. It’s members spread and encourage peace, love, light and integrity. There are a voluminous array of other people in this world that would deserve the moniker of nut job. Why don’t you pick on the politicians or CEOs?


    • Bob,

      I’m not “picking” on anyone I’m actually “pointing” at a bunch of adults who are being irresponsible with the worlds strongest hallucinogenic medicine.

      You shouldn’t guess about me reading the WW article. It clearly states in my article that I read Nancys article in WW, I’ve even spoken with her about it.

      What proof do you have the the dosage that was given to kids did not create any effects? Are you that child? Will you please not speak for someone else Bob? That isn’t very nice.

      Don’t worry about looking to start a quarrel because I am ready to enter one. It’s pretty obvious that this church has kept there doings secret and just like you Bob, I’m just trying to shed some “LIGHT”

      • My dear,

        Before reading articles, I suggest you go to a Daime`s session and participate. Drink the Daime, see with your own eyes the bullshit that u wrote. Is not a hallucinogen, but entheogen. There are people who feel absolutely nothing when they drink Daime. The experience is individual and spiritual. I’m not surprised to read that crap from who was born in a country that preaches the cult of bombs and war. Maybe you need to read less media and look further into your inner self.

        • Go to a session and drink the daime? Da fuck? That’s your suggestion? I suggest you move to my city and figure out for yourself what’s happening. I don’t give a fuck if a scumbucket like you wants to kick it with rapists and sexual offenders but for me, that’s gonna lead to a whole lot of karate kicks, karate chops, and attempted citizens arrests. Participate in an event led by molesters? No thanks. But thanks DEAR.

  5. Bob! Jonathan is a Politician and a CEO. He sued the government for the right to obtain acces to Ayahuasca. Now he is running a fortune 500 company with exclusive access to all Ayahuasca Drug Dealing Rights. Looks like I’m going after a nut-job, a politician, and a CEO! ALL AT ONCE! YIPPY

  6. And Bob, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t ever come on here and comment again without reading the article your commenting on. It makes you look extremely ignorant and it’s a complete waste of your time. Literally, in your second sentence you start making assumptions about my stance when you clearly could have just read the article. Please Bob. Read more books. Read more articles. Read more of anything you decide to open your mouth about.

  7. “In fact, the practitioners may have at times either spread the medicine on the lips of their kids, or put a tiny drop in their mouths as a symbolic gesture. I agree, that giving the kids enough medicine to actually create any effects is not a wise thing to do, and I am sure that every practitioner in this church would agree, which is why no child in this church–at least in North America–has ever been intoxicated by ayahuasca.” Bob

    MAY is the key word here Bob. They may have spread it on their lips. It may have just been a tiny drop. They may not have gotten high, they may have.

    But then you go on to say that no child in this church has EVER been intoxicated with Ayahuasca?

    I dont follow that Bob? are you saying that children MAY have been placed on doses that would intoxicate them? or have these children NEVER been intoxicated off of Ayahuasca.

  8. Have any of these kids even been tested for disorders that would stem from Ayahuasca, DMT, RIMA, and MAIO use? Better question, Has the ayahuasca these people use even been tested for the active drugs thats its made of?

  9. People want to act like I’m name calling and not telling people this shit to their face. Well before I ever posted this article I sent Jonathan a message at his website telling him I was going to expose him and ruin everything he worked for. A little over the top? I dont think so. I don’t tip-toe around problems, I slap them in the face.

  10. Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahah! Hahahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! Bob, thank you. Serrapoop… Sorry bud but you sound like a royal dingus. Bob is never going to come back to fight you. He already won. You’ve commented many times upon your own poopy article and all of your comments are just as poopy. Why don’t you be a real anthropologist, a real journalist and go do a proper ethnography about Santo Daime before you embarrass yourself any more than you already have. Your smartass comments and poop smear article only made me smile. Maybe my comment will lead you to write a cocky knowitall response smearing my intellectual integrity as you have done with bob. Cheers buddy. I don’t really care. Umadbro?! Lmao.

  11. I approved your comment simply for the fact that you took the time to write it. Clearly I offended you and quite unclearly for you, that was it’s intention. Thanks guy! you literally said nothing!

  12. serredad, You’re being rediculous. You’re attacking all drug users, and obviously have a completely biased view on drugs. Yes, DMT is a strong psychadelic, but does it ever say the amount that was administered to the kids? I doubt they would give these kids enough ayahuasca to trip. Be more open-minded. Read more. Research more.

    • And OBVIOUSLY I have a completely biased view on drugs.

      • and OBVIOUSLY I’m against using 10 year olds as science experiments for DMT.

        that serredad, I don’t know about that guy….he doesn’t agree with giving 10 year olds DMT?! Not even in small doses?!?!

  13. Rob, I’m sorry that your doubt wasn’t enough to compel me not to write this article. ANY amount of ayahuasca thats given to a kid is too much. I don’t care if you doubt. In fact, doubt all you want it really doesn’t matter. I’m attacking all drug users? How so? I didn’t even mention another drug besides DMT, MAIO, and RIMA? Sorry Rob, I’m just not as “open-minded” as you, whatever the fuck that really means. If being open-minded means giving DMT to children then no I’m not. Sorry dude.

  14. goodness gracious not serredad being ridiculous again. Is being ridiculous out of the norm now? do we really live in a world where its wrong to second guess people who gives hallucinogens to 10 year olds?

  15. dude’s and I hate to ramble. But can anyone please find me any research or any information that talks about how much DMT should be prescribed to a child? is there any information on how much DMT gets a 60 lb person high? I mean who can really speak for these children? because a lot of people have stepped up and taken the claim that even small doses have no effect on kids. MY question is. WHERE IS THE PROOF?

  16. I wish these people would make a claim about the topic of the article and actually stick around to defend it. I had one person tell me I’m spreading bull-shit. One person who said I’m smearing poop. And one who thinks I’m trying to rid the world of drugs. Not one person who wants to comment on wether or not its safe to give 10 year olds hallucinogens. Even I am starting to wonder why I wrote this article. Apparently everyone would rather judge my character then join in on the conversation I’m trying to start.


    hey Bob, Seb, and Rob. Check out the Santo Daime website. Pretty official huh? I really like the 911 p.o. box. Ironic much?

  18. IDK a lot about this drug…but here are the results of what I have found….. There have been documented cases of women being raped by the Shamans that they had expected were going to care for them during their journey while taking Ayahuasca (ok I spelled it wrong). These women were “drug tourists” sorry for the implication. There are documented cases of women being raped while on this drug. And these women were completely confused, they knew the Shamans were there to help them…..after….they did not know what to think….did they rape me or not…or was this part of the journey with the ayahuaca? It is documented. Just another drug in our culture of so many out there to fuck up your life…my opinion, stay the fuck away from it. You don’t need a journey into nowhere, demonstrating what you think you should be doing with your life…..telling you that you are one with the earth and the rain forest. and all living beings, you all know that already don’t we live with that here everyday? Just get some good mushrooms from the PNW and don’t we have a few Shamans here? I know we must.

  19. glad you approve of something..the shamans suck and so does their drug and the people who desire it.

  20. No, this is a totally new topic, new drug. You need to know what you are dealing with. It is UNKNOWN in the Northern Hemisphere!

  21. Serredad,

    The brew ayahuasca, as it is made by these churches, consists of only the two plants you mention. P. viridis contains DMT, and B. caapi contains harmine, which is a reversible MAO-A inhibitor. I’m glad you realized there are no SSRIs in these plants and updated your article accordingly. Indeed I have never heard of any naturally-occurring SSRI compounds. As you have already updated your article once, perhaps you can do so again.

    You replaced SSRI with RIMA, which is a particular kind of MAOI which is shorter acting and generally safer than the old irreversible MAOI antidepressants. Harmine requires 4-6 hours of dietary restrictions, not 24. If restrictions against foods containing tyramine are not followed, there can be a spike in blood pressure. In regards to Serotonin Syndrome (it’s not called Serotonin poisoning), the toxic buildup of serotonin is rare and usually associated with mixing medications, for example an MAOI antidepressant and an SSRI antidepressant. I do not believe that eating tyramine while on an MAOI can lead to serotonin syndrome, as tyramine is not serotonin and serotonin syndrome is characterized by excessive levels of serotonin in the body.

    In the comments you mention Jonathan Goldman is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company with exclusive rights to importing ayahuasca. Obviously he is not a Fortune 500 CEO, and I assume you weren’t being serious when you wrote that. He also does not have exclusive rights to ayahuasca. There is another church, the União do Vegetal (UDV), which has permission from the US Federal government (not just the state court as in Goldman’s case) to use ayahuasca in their ceremonies. I do not know the UDV’s stance on giving ayahuasca to minors.

    Several times you refer to ayahuasca as the “worlds strongest halluconogenic [sic]”. On what do you base that claim? If you mean world’s most potent hallucinogen, that would be LSD (a low dose of DMT might be 50 mg, while a low dose of LSD might be 50 mcg).

    You suggest children be tested for disorders that would stem from ayahuasca use. An excellent suggestion! In Brazil, 40 adolescents (age 15-19) who were members of ayahuasca churches were compared to matched controls. The ayahuasca group had fewer psychiatric symptoms, no neuropsychiatric deficits, and less use of alcohol than controls. These and other studies are reviewed in “Health status of ayahuasca users” by Barbosa et al. (2012), Drug Testing and Analysis, DOl: 10.1 002/dta.1383 If you cannot access the article I would be happy to send you a copy.

    • I do not condone the use of ayahuasca by minors; I merely wanted to point out a few inaccuracies in your article in order to improve it, and to refer you and other readers to more information if you are curious. Merry Christmas!

      • this is all great information. Thank you so much.

        People were saying on Reddit that you should avoid Tyramine while on any MAIO and I have found evidence that supports that. IDK. What about tetrahydroharmine? Harmine, Harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine are the 3 MOST STUDIED harmala alkaloids. What about what we don’t know? You say “generally”. We’ll what if none of the dietary restrictions are followed. It clearly says that RIMA’s can have serious complications when combined with drugs as simple as cough syrup. What about when Ayahuasca is unknowingly used on someone as a poison? What would the effects be on the victim if they didn’t follow any of the necessary guidelines? WHAT IF AYAHUASCA IS USED AS POISON?

        I say worlds strongest hallucinogenic in reference to the fact that DMT. I’m not referencing strength of dose, I’m talking about the effects once your actually high. Which in reality, I guess that would be debatable.

        I’m glad children in Ayahuasca churches in Brazil are doing well. That probably means that if the children who are apart of the churches here in Oregon will be ok too. That is, if they are exposed to any severly traumatic events while in church. And they are being exposed to such events. There is proof. Just as you provided here. There is proof of Oregon Santo Daime members abusing children in their church. FACT.

        Minors is a slippery slope. A minor is 17 in America, as well as a 10 year old. I don’t condone the use of Ayahuasca by minors, and I don’t condone Adults giving Ayhuasca to 10 year olds. Which is exactly what this church has gone on record with saying.

        I was obviously joking about Jonathan Goldman, clearly he has competition as you’ve stated. Some church I have never heard of and know nothing about. You missed my point though. You don’t think he is making money off illegal Aya sales. Well, maybe he isn’t as smart as I thought then. He probably just ships it in and gives it away for free. That’s what I’d do if I was a millionaire drug dealer.

      • And Jill, the “innaccuracies” in this article won’t be removed. Those innaccuracies are there so idiots who know nothing will say nothing. This article was wrote with the intention to get people to consider what this church is doing. I can’t tell the cops I gave my son a hit of a joint, but these fuck nuts can tell the cops that they give their kids DMT. I mean its laughable. I’m sorry, but fuck the federal government and anyone who uses its lies to benefit themselves. This church is a scam, this church is a cult, this church parties and gives drugs to 10 year olds. This article isn’t inaccurant. This article takes a chance and says fuck you to people who abuse children via drugs. Here at Dirty Clean, we don’t condone sexual assault on children, We also don’t approve of giving drugs to children. Like I said, I can’t even smoke a bowl with my 17 year old cousin. But I could call the church hotline and be prescribed for medicinal AYA and then be legal to have it and give it Kids with no fucks given. COME ON DUDE.

      • but we would never know if Jonathan is selling it because for some reason the DEA has absolutely no say in the matter. The DEA has no idea how much, how potent, if its being sold, or used in the church. The DEA has no fucking clue about whether he is selling it or not. Pretty scary if you ask me.

    • Also, when you get a dose of LSD, thats all your getting.

      When you get dosed with Ayahuasca your getting, DMT combined with Anti-depressants. Which in actuality make the hallucinogenic effects generally more horrific then an LSD experience. Ayahuasca is almost always compared to a bad mushroom trip, except when you use Aya you lose complete control of your bowels and constantly throw up for about 12 hours.

      You suggest a survey of the members. Great. You wont be able to find 40 children aged 10-15 who this church has dosed. There is only about 200 members in the state im assuming. I hope there isn’t 40 children they have dosed. It would seem like an extremely high rate.

      So i guess because there was a survey in Brazil on 40 (15-19 year olds) means that the few handful of kids here in Oregon (aged 10-14) are probably going to be ok.

  22. Serredad,
    Not to be quarrelsome, but you don’t come off as the most neutral or logical of authors. Some of this, in so much as it’s consistent with your other posts, is probably just you and your style. Some of this seems like it is coming from a more personal place.
    With that in mind it’s a little troubling that you keep making references to consuming cannabis with your young relatives. Is there something you want to disclose about your family relationships?
    Did someone do something to you Serredad? Is that why you include a patronymic in your internet handle? Is that why you’re striking out in defense of Oregon’s defenseless children?
    Cuz’ sometimes aggressive posturing is a cover for really deep wounds or unspoken emotional needs.
    I would note that, given your critique of other people’s lack of attention to your screed, it is strange that you would grandstand about the need for studies about the effect of this substance on children when you posted a link to your own post in the comments section of the WW week article mentioned above. Those WW comments discuss such studies… so either you’re not attentive (doubtful) or you’re engaged in something besides normal internet journalism.
    In any case, being so full of bile about stuff isn’t healthy. Bad karma and such. Be careful.
    If this is the best format for working things out for you then that’s okay. Alternatively, it sounds like you could just ask Mr. Goldman if he’d let you attend his church, and maybe you could deal with some of your issues in that environment?
    Just a thought.

    • Reading the 10 pages of comments isn’t internet journalism. Thats called a waste of time. I didn’t read the full 10 pages because I saw it was full of church members commenting like your self.

      I don’t play games dude. Don’t come on my website and expect me not to blow your cover. you don’t want to play this game dude. I haven’t slept in like 6 months.

    • and that comment has an ip address attached to it. I know its not who you say it is. Unless it is you mayor adams, and in that case go fuck yourself. But if thats you Carel. Call me. lets talk. Its killing you on the inside. I could buy you a gun.

  23. Hey Carel if thats you. Terrible cover. Cascadiaadams and you leave mayor adams email address? Come on dude. I’m not that dumb. Have fun in Hawaii, your literally right next to the hospital. I’ve googled your address mommys boy. Dont play dumb with me.

  24. Maybe I should join the church. You wouldn’t know anyway since you don’t know what I look like. Then maybe I could treat you like you treat all those children. You would like that wouldn’t you S.C.?

  25. OH and C.S.

    my information is public, you make speculations about my father. I could give you all of that info with one single link, everything about my life story has been published in the NY times. You just can’t find it. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself and I’ll tell you everything I can about myself. Are you going to leave one comment and run away like the rest of your friends or are you going to hang around awhile? :)

  26. Ayo and C.S.

    don’t worry about me being “careful” I’ve got a machete and a bunch of guns registered in my name. Don’t fucking threaten me you dumbfuck. Quit talking and come find me. I’ve got a butterfly knife that will make you crawl like a fucking caterpillar again.

  27. Anyone who has ever drugged someone with ayahuasca and then raped them raise your hand! (points to S.C.)

    now be a good rapist and turn yourself in!

  28. thank you for caring about people but most importantly the children. this article hit close to home for me. i am glad there are people out there that care.


  29. Please stop this mix of nonsense! Everyone suffers something in their lifetime…whether it be death, poverty, ridicule, or prejudice and more. Dear Mr. Cascadiadams your points are taken.
    If it be your choice to allow rape and child abuse all in the name of your church, let it be. Your practices however are helping to destroy peoples lives, all in the name of what you believe. Many, many different churches of religion exist. Some good some bad. You are just a moment away from disclosure. If your church truly WAS a CHURCH in the name of GOD you would I hope, certainly be ashamed of your post above. You also have an aching heart just as you accuse Serredad of. The difference is you choose to take your aching heart out on others, attempting to make them suffer as you have. And what you have essentially achieved is the potential destruction of certain lives. Pain and suffering should be internal, only external in seeking emotional help. Your CHURCH should be that outlet for you as most legitimate CHURCHES are. Your obvious outlet in seeking to destroy others lives tells me that your CHURCH does not work or is anything but functional. It should have healed your wounds….and not placed those open sores on the vulnerable.

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