Colorful New Street Art – October 2012 – Astrotwitch

As we were driving home from Phil’s Meat Market this afternoon, we noticed this brand new hand drawn wheat paste.  Vibrant colors that pop off the building caught our eye as we drove down MLK doing 35MPH.  Just around the corner was a fresh N.O. Bonzo wheat paste and a unique black and white sticker on a pole.  While we were at it, we decided to head on over to deep Southeast and grab a couple flicks of a super impressive mural we noticed awhile back.

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Mapache-Page is a stinky raccoon-man. He was last seen negotiating a half eaten cheeseburger from his friend, Itchy Gonzalez in Tijuana, Mexico. If you wish to see him, just leave out a bag of trash.
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  1. The top artist is DC based Astrotwitch. Gotta love Bonzo’s work too. Really do appreciate the colorful work. We need it in this gray city. Black and White sticker is Fuckfaace – Frend.

  2. Your right TVwithCheese, colorful work is needed in this gray city. Thanks for letting us know who the artists are. I’ll be sure to tag them appropriately.

  3. I really like astrotwitches stuff.

  4. I really like the art style in the first two. The bigger mural has such bold and vibrant color. I dig the lettering style too. Not sure what is on the pipe but it’s intreaging to look at. I shared this to my wall.

  5. Thanks for this post. This crazy constantly transforming town called Portland, Portlandia, PDX, whatever it is in so many different perspectives that matter….glad to see appreciation of the art and artists that reside here.

  6. Thanks for sharing Dirty Mc Shaolin and your welcome WdstockPDX.

    There are TONS of artists here and our mission is to show that to the world and give each artist the appropriate exposure they deserve.

  7. We’re going to work harder to help promote the awesome artists that portland has to offer. We’ll be trying to take as many flicks of new work as possible!

  8. I will be checking the site regularly now for more PDX art. Thx Dirtyclean and Matt Page for your work love your website!

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