Washington R 74/I-502 What do they mean?

As I’m sure you’ve heard Washington recently voted to legalize gay marriage and marijuana. I’m sure you’ve also heard that these laws don’t go into effect until December 6th. Maybe it’s the end of the world after all. In that case you won’t be so bummed since Washington will only be able to smoke itself silly and marry itself over and over again for just under a month. For those of you stoked on how the votes went or just curious to know what happens next read on.

• Should you fly into Washington to get married?
• What will the Feds do about pot?
• I already have a registered domestic partnership in Washington. Does Referendum 74 change my status?
• Cool to smoke after I’m through airport security before my 2 o’clock flight from SeaTac to Salt Lake?
• Who in the hell voted in favor of either of these blasphemous measures?!

First off you should probably know what recent legislation I’m even talking about. Referendum Measure No. 74: Concerns marriage for same-sex couples while Initiative Measure No. 502: Concerns marijuana. To answer that last question full voting results including county breakdowns from the November 06, 2012 general election can be found respectively here and here.  Democratic Booyah Achieved

Earliest date you can apply for a marriage license?
December 6th. Technically the law goes into effect on December 5th, once the thirty day waiting period has expired, but you can put in the paperwork the very next day. Washington State does have a three day waiting period once the paperwork is in so the earliest a marriage ceremony could be performed would be Sunday December 9th.

I’m already domestic partnered!
You have a couple of options in this case:
1. Tie the knot anytime after December 6th.
2. You may dissolve your domestic partnership by way of a courtroom.
3. Nothing! On June 30th of 2014 your partnership will automatically become recognized as a marriage. *Caveat: In couples where one partner will be sixty two or older on the 30th of June your partnership will simply remain a partnership.

I was married elsewhere. Should I get married again in the Evergreen State?
Washington will recognize your marriage effective December 6th, 2012.

Will I need to be a Washington resident to have a same-sex marriage?
Washington states does not hold residency requirements for marriage.

Nor for those of you overly paranoid from all the now-legal weed you’ve been enjoying I’ll get to Initiative-502. Word has it the Seattle Police Department is looking to get some of those fancy drones seen in Miami and NYC in our own lovely city. Think they’ll tag “enemies” like the ones from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Apparently as of December 6th, 2012 Adults 21 years of age and older will legally be allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and the Federal Government can’t stop you. That’s an ounce of the Grinch, sixteen ounces of solid form such as edibles, and a whopping seventy two ounces of liquid (lotions/hash oil) in addition to your assorted pot paraphernalia. Still lots of people have been claiming more DUI checkpoints and all sorts of wild stories that I don’t really know if they’re true or not. I’m just here to state what I know and have read according to Washington state law. Please comment down below and tell me how much of an idiot I may be or dweeb for using Grinch, Mary Jane, and any other assortment of lame terms.

What’s the deal with possession?
Long as you’re not holding under the Washington Monument or other federal property like a post office you should be in the clear. Possession is still technically a federal crime but the Feds won’t really bother you for small time things. Don’t be stupid of course, but unless you’re holding two pounds on you then I’d relax about that dry ass nug in your jacket.

Can I smoke in public?
You can’t even drink in public legally! No open packages of marijuana, smoking in public, or driving high.
If caught you’ll be issued a nice little fifty dollar infraction. Driving under the influence is illegal. While an officer would still need probable cause to stop you, test your blood (just like with alcohol) for you being over the limit of five nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood, JUST DON’T BE STUPID. Studies show a majority of people under that limit after a few hours but that’s the limit just like a .08 for alcohol.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board will handle all of that at a later date. Yeah, the same guys you voted to not run liquor stores anymore. How’s that twenty eight dollar of Jack Daniels treating you? The board will license distributors, growers, and sellers but that won’t see a final product till next December or so. When it’s finalized though we’ll know where stores can be setup, hours of operation, quality regulations and numerous advertising stipulations.

*Home grown weed is NOT legal! Nor is the sale!!! I-502 did not set rules for a market so until that happens you have no legal way to obtain marijuana. Call up your cool older brother if you’re in a pinch.

Federal Government Actions?
We don’t really know yet. Make sure you’re in compliance with state law! Even though Washington has given it the go ahead it’s still illegal within the United States. We’ve all see what Colorado went through so play it safe for now. As the days roll by the Federal Government may file a suit against the state but not even Governor Gregoire knows what will happen. Thus far she’s just said she will “implement the law according to the will of the voters” and has been in talks with Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado moving forward. We’ll keep you posted.

I have insomnia/back pain/Anorexia nervosa, etc. Your boi is a medical marijuana patient son!
Good for you. Everything is the same though, 502 doesn’t mess with the prior Medical Use of Marijuana act from way back in 1998. Read some history. But as I said, the rules for dispensaries and patients haven’t changed even with the passage of Initiative 502. You can safely carry up to an ounce though without fear of possession so you can feel good about that. Enjoy this nice little picture below, print it out, laminate it and place it on a lanyard or something.

“Whether you are a medical cannabis access point or are interested in obtaining an i-502 license to grow, sell, or process cannabis, canna law group can help you stay ahead of the curve and in compliance with state law.”

Canna Law Group represents all types of cannabis businesses from cooperative, to labs, testing facilities, processors, and growers.

You may find additional information on Referendum 74 and Initiative 502 here and here.

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  1. You mean I cant roll a phatty and smoke it on the steps of the capital?!?!?!?

    • Drugs Inc. did a bit on this and in the episode I saw (like three years ago) a handful of people were clear and free from the federal government. So many bags, and a can of joints were prepared and sent out to these limited few people monthly by way of the US government. Tried to find the video now but I remember a guy standing in front of the Lincoln memorial lighting a joint. It was cool.

  2. Thanks for the info. I am certain my county will not follow the new state laws. Our gov’t here is still playing cowboys and indians.

  3. This is exactly the kind of inaccurate information people don’t need. There have been few studies regarding usage and blood level. Daily use of marijuana will give a reading higher than 5 nanograms 2 weeks to a month after discontinuing use. Get your facts straight! There have been no studies on driving impairment because such studies would be illegal. A blood level of 5 nanograms is probably equivalent to calling you impaired after a quarter of a shot of alcohol. These numbers will be shot down in court because there is no research to confirm or deny impairment levels.

    • “I’m just here to state what I know and have read according to Washington state law. Please comment down below and tell me how much of an idiot I may be or dweeb for using Grinch, Mary Jane, and any other assortment of lame terms…Driving under the influence is illegal. While an officer would still need probable cause to stop you, test your blood (just like with alcohol)” Think YOU need to get YOUR facts straight buddy.

      Studies have been done Jon. Studies with illegal substances happen all the time but i’d say that BAC varies. If you’re sitting on your ass eating Jack In the Box Tacos all the time you’ll have way more visible THC in your system. Something needs to be set in place since me smoking and driving a week later and still being “under the influence” is stupid. I don’t drink a beer and tell myself I can’t drive for two weeks.

      This is still pending as I said, things need to be hashed out etc. (no pun intended)
      Thanks for stating your opinion though! http://i.imgur.com/PS5oT.gif

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